Strawberry Picking Rules

Strawberry U-Pick will be available for FARM MEMBERS ONLY during our regular Farm Store hours over the next couple of weeks, RAIN OR SHINE:

Tuesday,  June 9th,  10am – 7pm
Friday,  June 12th,  10am – 7pm
Saturday,  June 13th,  10am – 5pm
Tuesday,  June 16th,  10am – 7pm
Friday,  June 19th,  10am – 7pm
Saturday,  June 20th,  10am – 5pm


  • Farm Members can bring their families, but we ask that you please limit your group to 5 people maximum.

  • Each member can pick one quart of strawberries FOR FREE per week! Unlimited additional quarts can be purchased for U-Pick for $4 each. Please note that if you missed a previous week, that doesn't mean you get two free quarts the following week. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Please do not bring any of your own bags or containers to pick strawberries into. Use only the containers we provide for you. You can bring a quart container that we gave you previously for strawberries if you'd like.

Regarding COVID-19 Safety:

  • As noted above, Farm Members can bring their families, but we ask that you please limit your group to 5 people maximum.

  • You MUST wear a mask at all times while you're in the strawberry field. This goes for children over the age of 2 years old as well.

  • Unfortunately we do not have enough gloves to offer everyone latex gloves to pick berries. We will have hand sanitizer available at the check-in tent (ingredients: isopropyl alcohol & aloe). Please bring gloves if you have them, and/or use our hand sanitizer. Only touch whatever berries you are absolutely going to pick!

  • PLEASE MAINTAIN YOUR DISTANCE FROM OTHER PEOPLE. Orlando and I want everyone to have a safe visit but a lot of the responsibility to ensure that safety falls on you guys: please respect each other's distance, and that includes making sure your children stay near you as well. We can't control your movements in the field so try to be cognizant of other folks who are picking. The field is very large so we don't anticipate having any issues with maintaining distance, but if it's looking like social distancing is becoming difficult, we will limit the number of folks who enter the field so you might have to wait for a few minutes at the tent.


As for the actual berry picking, we ask that you don't step on plants, don't throw trash in the field, and try to pick berries that are ripe :-)

If everyone agrees to follow these guidelines, we are sure to have a fun, successful and yummy strawberry season.
 Thank you!


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