We will begin Farm Membership sign up for the 2021 season in the late fall, most likely starting in November 2020. You can read below for more information about Farm Membership. For now we are still open to the public; if that changes we will be sure to notify folks on all possible platforms. In the meantime be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of any page on this website) so that you are up to date on all the latest farm information!

Our Farm Membership signups

have been filled for the 2020 season!


It's easy to join our farm family: all you have to do is buy a pre-paid Farm Card. You can use your Farm Card at our Farm Store in New Paltz and at our market stand at the Rhinebeck Farmers' Markets. 


You get more than what you paid for

Each Farm Card tier comes with an added bonus value, for free, on us!  The higher the commitment you make, the higher the bonus you get. There's no membership fee — buying any tier automatically makes you a Farm Member.

You have flexibility

With the Farm Card, you can come to our Farm Store or Farmers Market Stands and pick out exactly which veggies you want. Our Farm Store will also have other locally sourced products that you can buy, such as eggs, cheese, and other goodies.

You can enjoy other membership perks

Weekly email updates about the farm that include the current product availability list and recipe ideas

Access to exclusive U-Pick strawberries, blueberries and flowers

An invitation to our members-only Fall Harvest Festival where you can bring your family and friends (for free!) to come enjoy farm tours, food from local vendors and live music

There are a lot of initial costs at the beginning of the farm season. The upfront payment of the traditional CSA model has helped small farms cover those expenses. The Farm Card allows you to continue this support without having to commit to a pre-made weekly CSA share. By purchasing a Farm Card, you support our small business, and we get to do what we love: grow high quality organic veggies for you and your family to enjoy 

You support your farmer


$100 = $110 VALUE

You buy a $100 card, and we give you 10% extra on the card.

$300 = $345 VALUE


You buy a $300 card, and we give you 15% extra on the card.

$500 = $600 VALUE

You buy a $500 card, and we give you 20% extra on the card.

There is no membership fee to buy a card. If you use up the balance of your card before the end of the season, you can refill it again and receive the same bonuses listed above. Farm Cards are a form of commitment to supporting your farmer during the season; balances cannot be carried over at the end of the year to be used the following season.


You can use your Farm Card at our Farm Store located in New Paltz, or at our Farmers Market stand in Rhinebeck. 

Farm Store Hours

Tuesday, 10am - 7pm

Friday, 10am - 7pm

Saturday, 10am - 5pm

Farmers Market Stand

Rhinebeck Farmers Market

Sundays, 10am - 2pm 

61 E Market St, Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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