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Do you want weekly access to our veggies during the 2023 farm season?

Become a farm member! Here's how it works:


Spend $200 → Get a farm card with $220 loaded onto it

Spend $400 → Get a farm card with $450 loaded onto it


At our Farm Stand 

Located at our farm in Catskill, open Saturdays, May through October

At the Rhinebeck Farmers' Market

Our booth is there weekly on Sundays, 10am - 2pm, May through November

At our Online Farm Store

Select and order the veggies you'd like each week!

Available for pickup in Catskill or New Paltz on Wednesdays, June through October


>> Why buy a farm card?
It's simple: we want to grow your veggies, but we need to cover a lot of initial costs in the winter and early spring that are necessary to farm. This includes purchasing seeds, organic fertilizers, organic soil amendments & compost, etc. Your early purchase of a farm card helps us plan a killer farm season so that you get a diverse and fresh selection of veggies each week.

>> Can I use my farm card anywhere you sell veggies?
Yes. You can use your farm card at our farm stand, our booth at the Rhinebeck Farmers' Market, or to order from our online farm store.

>> Do I HAVE to buy a farm card in order to purchase your veggies?
No: you can still pay for produce with cash, credit card or Apple Pay at our farm stand & at the Rhinebeck Farmers' Market. However, our online store will be for farm card members only.

>> Can I reload my farm card during the season if I use it up?
Yes, you can reload your card during the season if you use it up. Currently we have the following farm card amounts available: $200 gets you $220 loaded onto the card, $400 gets you $450 loaded onto the card.

>> Can I check the remaining balance of my farm card anytime?
Yes, you can check your balance by clicking here.

>> Do I have to use up all of the funds on my farm card before the end of the season?
No, you don't have to use up your farm card before the end of the farm season; funds will roll over to the following year.

>> How can I buy a farm card?
You can purchase your farm card online using a credit card (which includes a 3% processing fee) or you can mail us a check; click here for more info & to buy a farm card! We will mail purchased farm cards in the spring before the season starts.

>> Can my family or friends use my farm card?
Yes, your family and friends can use your farm card if you choose to have someone else purchase produce in your stead.

>> How does ordering from the online store work?
Online ordering will be available from June through October. At the beginning of each week we will update our online farm store and email you a link when it's open. A wide variety of veggies that are at peak harvest in the field will be listed with quantities available. You'll be able to select whichever veggies you'd like in any quantity (as long as supplies last) and use your farm card at checkout to purchase your order; think of it as a virtual farm stand. At checkout you'll indicate if you'll be picking it up at our farm in Catskill or at Grazery in New Paltz (both pickups available on Wednesdays). We will then harvest, wash and specially pack your individual order and label it with your name. You'll be able to pick up your order on Wednesday, either in Catskill or New Paltz. You do not have to order each week; only order when you want to! There is no minimum order quantity. New Paltz orders will be charged a $2 delivery fee, regardless of order size (this fee can be paid with the farm card).

>> Do I have to purchase a farm card in order to buy from the online store?
Yes. At this time we are prioritizing online ordering only for those who commit to buying a farm card.

>> Wait, I liked the CSA box! Do you still offer CSA?
We will no longer be offering our CSA boxes in 2023. However, if you really enjoy getting farmers' choice veggies each week, our online store will have the option for you to purchase a "Farmers' Choice" box of 6 items of our choosing for $20. Contents of the farmers' choice box will not be listed online when you select this option; it's truly like a traditional CSA where the farmer curates a special selection of veggies at peak harvest right there in the field to fill your boxes! You don't have to commit to the Farmer's Choice box every single week – you can try it out one week, then skip a week if you're going out of town, then order select items the following week, etc. – you can mix and match all of your ordering to your specific needs! The Farmer's Choice boxes will be available alongside the other individual online orders on Wednesdays in Catskill and New Paltz. Farmers' Choice boxes delivered to New Paltz will include an additional $2 delivery fee.

>> Will I still get an email each week with recipes and storage tips?
A note from Leah, author of our weekly newsletter: Over the years we have gotten very kind feedback from farm members about how much they love our weekly emails. Thank you to everyone who has written to us or told us in person that you enjoy them. I have truly committed to putting time and effort into making them detailed and helpful, save for a few this season in 2022 when we had a baby! However, since we had a baby, our daily lives have really taken on a more chaotic shape, particularly during the farm season. During the time I have available when I am not on baby duty, I need to focus my efforts away from the computer and 100% on farming to ensure that you guys are getting the absolute best, highest quality, freshest veg possible! Because of this, I will not be committing to a weekly email in 2023. Instead, this winter I plan to create a resource on our website full of recipes and storage tips for each of our crops that you can reference anytime. For real-time farm updates you can follow us on social media, where we plan to continue posting about what's happening on the farm each week! And hopefully I'll be able to write a few newsletters whenever time allows ♥

>> If I get a farm card, do I have to buy veggies from you each week? What if I go on vacation?
No, you do not have to buy veggies from us each week – only do so when you need to! That is the beauty of the farm card system.

>> What kinds of veggies will you have available on the online store?
The great thing about having an online store where customers select their own vegetables is that we can have a much wider variety of produce than is possible with a traditional CSA system. Occasionally we might have a super limited quantity of certain items, but in general we will have many and plenty of items weekly. While we aim to have all kinds of goodies available throughout the whole season, we are bound by our climate and certain items will be available only when they are "in season". In general, the beginning (cooler) part of the year tends to have more green items like salad greens, kales, broccolini, Bok choi, radishes; the midsummer heat lends itself to crops such as tomatoes, watermelons, zucchinis, cucumbers, peppers and early potatoes; and the shift into fall gives us sweet potatoes, leeks, winter squashes, more cool-weather salad greens, broccoli, cauliflower, and more. In the online ordering system, veggies don't go to waste! Whatever isn't ordered can stay in the ground, unharvested until later in the week at our farm stand or at the farmers' market. This saves you money & us time and effort! It's a win win!

>> I still have my old farm card from when you had the farm store in New Paltz. Can I use that same card?
No, we will be issuing everyone a new card. If you purchase one, your farm card will be mailed to you in the spring! 

>> Still have questions? <<
If you still have questions, you can reach out to us at

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