We participate in the Rhinebeck Farmers Market every Sunday, May through November, from 10am to 2pm. Each week we bring a wide variety of produce from our farm that is at its peak freshness! This lovely market offers a wonderful variety of locally created goods. Its vendors are some of the Hudson Valley's finest farmers, producers and artists. You can learn more about the Rhinebeck Farmers Market by visiting their website.


A Farm Card is a prepaid card that you can use to purchase our produce at the Rhinebeck Farmers' Market on Sundays, May through November. It's the fastest and easiest way to shop at our market booth, get the freshest local produce possible and support your farmers! With the Farm Card you have the flexibility to come when you want and choose exactly which veggies you want. There are three Farm Card tiers. Each tier comes with an added bonus value, for free, on us!  The higher the commitment you make, the higher the bonus you get. It's essentially a discount on your Farmers' Market veggies! If you use up the balance of your card before the end of the season, you can refill it again at any time and receive the same bonuses listed below.


$100 = $110 VALUE

You buy a $100 card, and we give you 10% extra on the card.

$300 = $345 VALUE

You buy a $300 card, and we give you 15% extra on the card.

$500 = $600 VALUE

You buy a $500 card, and we give you 20% extra on the card.