Our 2021 CSA is FULL! Please come shop with us at the Rhinebeck Farmers' Market, Sundays 10am to 2pm, and subscribe to our newsletter on the home page for all future farm updates!



CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a popular farming model in which customers pay the farmer a lump sum up front and then receive a portion of the farm's harvest in return throughout the farm season. The CSA model benefits both the farmer and the customer. It gives the farmer the capital needed to budget the entire farming season and purchase equipment, seeds, soil amendments, and other supplies necessary to grow, harvest, wash, pack and distribute crops. It provides the customer with a deep and personal connection to their food: locally grown, fresh veggies that are produced by us, your farmers. In a time when our food system is so vastly impersonal, this close connection with farms makes a big difference in local economies, food education and personal nutrition.


Becoming a CSA member will provide you with a weekly share of fresh produce grown on our farm for 26 weeks (late May through November). Members will receive a predetermined box of vegetables each week.

We have a LIMITED NUMBER of CSA shares available this season!


We offer Full Shares and Half Shares. The Full Shares will receive 7-10 veggies per week and can feed a family of four people, or two people who eat a lot of veggies. The Half Shares will receive about 60% of the contents of the Full Share size each week and can feed one or two people.


Share contents will vary as the season changes: the beginning (cooler) part of the season tends to have more green items like salad greens, kales, broccolini, Bok choi, radishes; the midsummer heat lends itself to crops such as tomatoes, watermelons, zucchinis, cucumbers, peppers and early potatoes; and the shift into fall gives us sweet potatoes, leeks, winter squashes, more cool-weather salad greens, broccoli, cauliflower, and more. There are certain items we hope to have available in the CSA shares throughout most of the season: some kind of salad green, some kind of allium (AKA onion - scallions, bunching onions, leeks), and a solid rotation of more seasonal crops.


CSA members will not be able to choose what's in their weekly share; contents will be farmers' choice. As many of our customers know, we are big fans of the choose-your-own system, however we are making this shift to CSA boxes for the time being because we had to move our farm operation to a new location for the 2021 season. This is an exciting adjustment for us, but it means that we will be starting our operation essentially from scratch this year. We do not yet have a Farm Store on site, which is one of the crucial components that makes the choose-your-own system setup so beneficial for farmers in terms of economics and time management. And because we will be so busy with building the farm this season, we will not have the capacity to fulfill special orders. For these reasons, this year we are focusing our efforts on a specially curated CSA box filled with fresh veggies grown by us using organic methods only. 

We will still offer our Farm Card program to be used at the Rhinebeck Farmers' Market. For more information about this, you can hop on over to our Farm Card page.


CSA shares will be available for pickup at our farm in Catskill, NY on Thursdays, 2pm to 7pm beginning May 27th. We will also have a pick up on Wednesdays in New Paltz at Grazery, located in the Water Street Market from 2pm to 7pm, beginning May 26th. 


Full Shares are $660 each. For 26 weeks, this comes to an average of $25.38 per week.


Half Shares are $360 each. For 26 weeks, this comes to an average of $13.85 per week.


So for the weekly price of a fancy bottle of wine or a couple of lattes, you'll be getting a specially curated share of delicious veggies, all grown, harvested, washed and packed by us, your local farmers. Box quantities will vary throughout the season as crop abundance ebbs and flows, but in general CSA box contents will exceed the monetary value of the share.


First, you'll need to sign up for CSA membership online. Then you can either pay online by credit card (which has an added 3% processing fee) or you can mail us a check (no additional processing fee). At this time we are not accepting cash payments.

Both Half Shares and Full Shares must be paid in full to secure membership for the season. The last day to sign up and pay for CSA shares is May 24, 2021; it is possible that CSA distribution will begin before this date! So if you don't want to miss a box, sign up ASAP! We will let all CSA members know via email at least a week in advance before the first CSA distribution date.