To finish reloading your Farm Card online, please click your refill amount below. The pricing listed below includes a 3% convenience fee for credit card processing. Note that the credit card payment page does NOT like any sort of "Autofill" feature! Please type in each entry by hand in order for the form to work.


Once you have completed your payment, you'll receive a payment confirmation email. The final thing that has to happen is that we have to load your additional funds onto your card; we'll try to make the turnaround time for this only a couple hours maximum, but occasionally farming might get in the way of that happening so quickly! So if you pay to reload your card then head right over to the Farm Store to find that the funds have not yet been added, just tell Cheryl that you reloaded your card online very recently. She'll give us a call and we'll sort it out quickly. Thanks for your patience!


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